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Protecting your Assets

The life cycle of your investment is extended by the proper procedures, equipment and environmentally conscious products we employ as part of our best practices.

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Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Americorp creates environments for occupants and visitors that are highly productive and safe by delivering managed services and customer solutions in a socially responsible manner.

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A Trusted Service Partner

Customers are loyal to companies that make their lives easier. They want suppliers who reflect their core values. At Americorp we manage, monitor and measure all aspects of our business. We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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Our Services

We deliver a wide range of customizable service plans to meet
the needs of our customer.

Contract Cleaning Porter/Technician Specialty Floor Care Exterior Grounds Construction Cleaning Emergency Services

  • If trust and respect are an important part of your business philosophy we can meet your needs. We exhibit these qualities everyday where our actions, behaviors and decisions are made to maximize our employee and customer experience to its fullest potential. We uniquely manage in a way that positively effects attitudes and performance.

    We are a company who at its core is passionate about delivering exceptional service.
    This is a role far more important to us than the typical focus on the bottom line.

  • Why Americorp

    By uniquely partnering with its customers to meet all of their commercial building maintenance needs, Americorp brings a winning value proposition to its clients. [Read More...]

    Americorp Service

    Our Services

    We offer standard and customized contract cleaning service plans to meet all your building maintenance needs, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for your employees and visitors. [Read More...]

    Sustainable Cleaning

    Sustainable Cleaning

    Americorp is your partner who has the expertise and knowledge to properly implement all aspects of a truly green and healthy high performance cleaning program. [Read More...]

    Our People

    Our People

    It is people that make for successful relationships and ours are just a little better at it. [Read More...]


    • "We are extremely pleased with your services and quality levels. The reports that you produce for us are informative and are a great tool to monitor progress."

      Matthew McKay, A.M. Best Company
    • "Americorp is an excellent partner and is fantastic to work with. From the on-site staff to the management group, everyone is so supportive and diligent. The attention to detail is above and beyond. I know you have many customers but you make us feel like we are the only one! I couldn’t be happier with the working relationship we have established with Americorp."

      Kristy Poh,CPA, RPA, Property Manager-Workspace Property Trust
    • "Americorp is a best in class service company. Their leadership team has a very visible presence and holds themselves accountable to such a high quality standard that exceeding our expectations is never a concern. Special requests are handled promptly and professionally. Their employees mirror the culture of the organization by being professional and extremely diligent."

      Shane Leonard, Facilities Supervisor, NRG
    • "It is my pleasure to thank you and the staff of professionals at Americorp for the many years of exceptional service. Over the years in my career I have seen and worked with many firms and am very glad we got the opportunity have your firm provide services at two of our locations. It is great not to have any reservations in the services being provided knowing that they will be done in a professional and complete manner every night. Additionally your response to periodic extra requests is commendable and appreciated. Looking forward to the years ahead."

      Rick Meyer, Facilities Manager, Facilities & Client Services, Swiss Post Solutions
    • "I consider Americorp a valuable resource for keeping our assets and facilities maintained to the highest standards."

      Patrick J. Burke Jr. Manager, Facilities Engineering Atlantic Health System

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