Sustainable Cleaning

sustainable cleaning


Americorp is your partner who has the expertise and knowledge to properly implement all aspects of a truly green and healthy high performance cleaning program. Americorp uses products, equipment and procedures that responsibly minimize our environmental impact while providing quality service.

Americorp’s Go Cleaner Go Greener program focuses on four key areas: environmental and social responsibility, employee productivity and retention, property protection and fiscal responsibility. Our Go Cleaner Go Greener program includes cleaning, recycling, energy services and other sustainable processes that help:

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Protect the Health of Building Occupants
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources
  • Waste diversion of products and materials
  • Improve and protect facility value
  • Improve employee retention and productivity

Our Go Cleaner Go Greener program is proven to meet the requirements for LEED certification credits. We are capable of handling all of the required documentation to meet LEED standards. If you are ready to discuss this for your facility, we can help you reach your goal.