Why Americorp?



Americorp brings a winning value proposition to our clients. For over 30 years Americorp has built a solid reputation by providing trusted and experienced building maintenance service in a reliable manner at a fair price. Our commitment to consistently providing quality services to our customers ensures they will remain a customer for life.

Commercial Real Estate Companies, Manufacturers, Healthcare Facilities and Educational Institutions as well as Pharmaceutical Companies throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania choose Americorp to handle their facility maintenance needs for the following reasons:

Experience and Expertise

Americorp has been an innovative leader in commercial cleaning and building support services since 1976. With vast experience and expertise, we provide high quality cleaning service in an effective manner for a wide variety of commercial industries.


One Source Solution

Americorp offers a customized bundling of building services that include janitorial/custodial support, window cleaning, general maintenance, recycling, grounds management and carpet cleaning, to name a few. This results in added cost savings, quality standardization, and peace of mind.

World Class People Management

We inspire our people to provide superior performance by training, coaching and motivating them with a positive attitude and unconditional support. We know that having one of our servicemen or women provide a personal touch to a customer or to go above and beyond what is reasonably expected can make the difference between providing service, to providing great service. Our people make the difference.


Consistent Quality

The Management Team at Americorp holds itself accountable to the highest level of quality standards. Our multi-tiered quality assurance program sets the standard in the commercial cleaning industry for continuous quality improvement that is pleasing to our customers and end users as well.


By partnering with our clients, Americorp has grown to not only be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of its customers businesses, but has developed a keen ability to anticipate those needs and make necessary changes in an effective and seamless fashion. We recognize every industry presents its own unique set of facility maintenance needs and challenges at each location and are always prepared to adapt accordingly.


Tailored to your needs

Americorp services companies of all sizes and building maintenance service requirements. Whether your company is large or small; looking for a single commercial cleaning service or a multi-service package, we can develop a solution that provides consistent, high quality results for all of your commercial facility needs. Our flexible operational model can expand or reduce the scope of services to meet the changing needs of your business.