Safety & Training

Safety Training

Safety and Training… Add Value… Ensure Results

It is important to choose a facilities services provider who has an effective safety management program in place. Americorp maintains a proactive and dedicated approach to safety. We understand the value that these programs can add to your facility and operations, such as:

Improved Productivity

Safe environments improve employee morale which often leads to increased productivity and better service. They are often rated “better places to work” and have more satisfied, more productive employees.

Cost Savings

Businesses spend $170 billion annually on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. However, workplaces focused on safety and health enjoy diminished liability claims among other related cost savings.

Safety Training

We believe in partnering with our clients to maximize the benefit of our mutual safety efforts. Our management team works closely with your team to promote the safest possible environment at your facility. Here’s how:

Building a Culture of Safety

Cultivating a safety culture means that we as a leadership team put SAFETY as our #1 priority. No task is worth doing if you are being unsafe. Our employees appreciate that we value their safety and provide them with the tools and personal protective equipment to provide services in a safe manner. This mutual respect in turn results in our employees acting as conscientious stewards of safety in their workplace.

Regular Worksite Safety Inspections

These inspections are designed to identify potential hazards and evaluate our compliance requirements.

Training and Tools

All Americorp employees receive general safety training as well as specialized safety training as warranted by their assigned duties. All team members are trained to consider the health and safety of the people around them such as building occupants and visitors.

Our service delivery program focuses on teaching the Right Tool – Right Process that has made Americorp a top safety performer with an EMR of 0.77. Extensive on-the-job training ensures that our qualified staff are the most competent in the industry.

Sustainability Program

Our Go Cleaner Go Greener program is not only good for the environment, it’s healthier for your occupants and your bottom line.