Our People

Meet the faces of ordinary people delivering extraordinary results.

It is people that make for successful relationships and ours are just a little better at it. Good customer service can only be delivered by people who have a positive attitude, are well trained and have a strong work ethic. We train and develop our employees based on these attributes. Here’s how we make a difference:

Skilled and Trained

Our staff members are trained and managed to the highest quality and service standards. All work is completed by our own staff and is never out-sourced, ensuring our customers that industry best practices are used on a daily basis. The communications, skills and performance training programs we implement along with our proprietary Daily Detail scheduling work cohesively and consistently to assure our team has the necessary tools to provide a standard of high performance.

Highly Motivated

Our strong leadership principles create a working environment that fosters attentive and service minded employees who want to succeed and whose work ethic and accountability will make you feel as though they are part of your team. Going above and beyond is what sets Americorp apart in the building maintenance services industry and we make sure the work meets the high standards of quality you deserve.

Team Approach

We believe in a team approach to managing our people. We seek input from our staff and encourage them to share ideas. We keep our team highly engaged and involved, as they ultimately are the people in direct contact with our customers. As a result, our team members have a high job satisfaction and high productivity. Our low employee turnover rate reflects the effectiveness of our team management style.


We are always seeking new ways to improve our commercial cleaning and facility services. Our primary goal is to always perform better and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We seek feedback from our employees and customers to constantly find innovative ways to implement improvements in all areas of our business from products, job performance and processes to our customer’s experience.