Quality Assurance


Americorp has a continuous quality improvement approach to ensure that we are delivering on all aspects of our service commitment. Americorp’s Quality Assurance program is designed to enhance communication, improve overall service delivery and most importantly, exceed client expectations. This includes:

  • Inspections – Both formal and informal inspections are completed on a regular basis by all levels of our management team. We are very visible within the accounts that we service and develop a level of familiarity and proactive approach to its requirements that not only separates us from our competitors but is greatly appreciated by our customers.
  • Daily Detail Scheduling – Those who say “the difference is in the details” are exactly right. The Americorp Daily Detail program incorporates all of the routine and non-routine task requirements into a very easy to manage schedule for our service workers. We simplify things which allows our workers and your facility to shine!
  • Periodic Calendar – All hard surface floor and carpet care is scheduled based on the area and frequency within the specifications.
  • Communication is key – Your time is valuable. We will make the most of every interaction with you. Your customized communication plan keeps us all on the same page and includes:
  • Client Meetings
  • Client Satisfaction Measurements
  • Client Service Training and Reward/Acknowledgement programs
  • Formal Performance Review – Mutually established performance metrics



Quality Guarantee

Americorp is so confident in our ability to deliver quality service that we are willing to put a portion of our profit at risk through a “Penalty & Incentive” program.